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The Dockta has written dozens of songs. The music is all copyright original, written, produced and arranged by the Dockta.

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The Dockta has a new CD:

I've Got My Pride

Side O' The Road

One of a Kind

Some Like It Hot

Already Dead

It Smells Like Love



The following are copyright original tunes performed and written by the Dockta for other bands in which he was a member:

Shame On You

Til The Day I Die

True Blue

Love That Stuff

911 - Love Emergency

Have Some Fun

Stergeon General's Warning: Dockta D's music has been shown through clinical imperical trials, involving both original and aboriginal monkeys, to cause extensive libidol exasterbation. However, side-effects may include medium blood pressure, heart racination, neck cloistering, uncontrollable bulging of the orbitals, restless leg syndrome leading to occasional vehicular narcissosis (sleep driving), coniggling of the finger joints, contangling of the dermis in the granoidis areals, contra-pontius piloerection, irrascible hanger pungs, anakanpanisitis (dry moufe), discontinental irregard (Constitutional contempt), single newmonia, running ammonia, brainwave bi-fibrulation, enuresis, enurfases, toejam softball flareup, distress in the upper tranct, dangling of the part of the sipple, irritable lip, ephemeral hemoragination (angita), buttoxal convolution and veryclose veins. Pregnant women should avoid listening due to an increased likelihood of violent primordial cupulution which may cause injury to the fleboitus. Those suffering from spinal gerfloigal (back spizmosis) should only listen whilst hyper-declinated. Use only as directed and be sure to consult with your family physikaiatriast before engaging in intercoidal revelations during audiation. Avoid where prohibited by law. Federal express law mandates harsh penalties for the illadvised duplication of said materials.